At NOOA on Mother’s Day, we serve a three-course menu with table setting times at 12:00 and 14:30.

You can make a table reservation conveniently online:

Mother’s Day menu 2024

Grilled asparagus and spruce sprout gremola

Pickled raspberry, pangrattato and lemon crème fraîche L, G


Finnish beef tartar and ramsons crème

Västerbotten cheese with crispy zucchini and dried thyme L, G


Braised cod and lime Beurre Blanc sauce

Mashed dill potato, stewed stalk celery, cavi-art and chives L, G


Braised Iberico pork neck and garlic sauce

Roasted Pimentos de Padró peppers, pickled zucchini and roasted early cabbage L, G


Financier pastry with lemon verbena ice cream

Milk chocolate ganache with pickled strawberry and meringue L, G


The menu is also available as a pre-ordered vegetable, vegan and dairy-free. In addition, there is also a NOOA children’s burger and deep-fried potatoes for 15€.